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B&S Group
B&S Group was founded by Samit Hathi in 1999. Like many large start-ups, B&S was also started in a small shed in Park Royal with 4 founding member employees. Since then B&S Group has continuously grown in a systematic and consistent manner.

B&S Group has expanded its product line by acquiring licenses rapidly and today has more than 2000 licenses with it and several licenses in pipeline there by providing more options to our customers under one roof.

The acquisition of Colorama Pharmaceuticals in March 2010, has added 3000 independent pharmacies in B&S customer base across UK which provides the company with an approximate 50% market share of the estimated 6000 UK independent pharmacists.

Customer centricity is at the core of the B&S Group's business strategy. The strategy has helped us delight our customers, led to higher customer retention leading to consistent growth in business.

About the Founder

B&S Group was founded by Samit Hathi, a Pharmacist himself. He had entrepreneurial tendencies since his early days, which resurfaced after working a Pharmacist for 8 years. Over 8 years he independently acquired and ran 22 pharmacies retail outlets before converging to found the B&S Group after completion of his Masters in Business Administration from London Business School.