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We are proud and honoured to be sharing with you B&S Group Vision, Mission Statements and Operating Principles for our company.

Having been in business for many years we have seen many violent rollercoaster like swings in the business environment. Even though in retrospect they do not seem worth a mention, at the time a wrong move could easily have changed the future of the company.

During the bad times typically credit becomes very tight and this has some harsh effects on business. You may have read some horrifying articles about the many companies which have been forced to close. Do you recall any of the following headlines: "Woolworths closes their doors for the last time, RBS was a few hours away from collapse?"

We've seen the economic hardship that company failure brings: people lose jobs, mortgages can't be paid, futures are destroyed, a cloud of uncertainty prevails and belts have to be tightened.

Indeed, we have seen many companies that operated with poor economics, with weak operating principles or with poor leadership and over time the dynamics of capitalism have destroyed their business. These principles have been written so that we will never be "that company". By following these principles our company will progress and grow, leading to opportunities for our people to progress and prosper.

When we were a small company we all sat together in one room and there was no need for such principle as we could simply lean over and coach the correct behaviours. Living these principles has led us on a path of growth and we now need to ensure that our culture and behaviours transfer across to a much larger company so that we can continue to prosper and grow. Documents such as Vision statements, Mission Statements and Operating Principles are rare in private companies.

Our team members form the basis to our success and we believe by correctly guiding them we can all prosper together. We believe that our principle followed properly they will keep us true to ourselves. They can be used as a set of fundamental principles that we all aspire to, that help us to stay focussed on our goals and should be followed throughout the company from our Directors to their departments, to their teams and throughout the whole company.

Our success depends on the amount our people care and the lengths they will go too to go the 'extra mile'. From helping their fellow colleagues, to ensuring our customers are getting the best level of service, to wholly caring about our company. The objective of the principles is to provide guidance when we are solving problems, when seizing opportunities, and when making any decisions. This is so our thinking is anchored on our principles and we are guided towards sensible growth and success not just this year, but for decades to come. These are not just statements; they are a set of fundamental beliefs that have developed over the years and have helped shape the company into what it is today.

Our culture is, knowing what we need to do when we get up in the morning without having to be told what to do. Our culture is the attitude we bring to work every day, the pattern of thinking and acting with the customer in mind. Our culture is not just doing the right thing but it's doing things right in the first place. The principles are the roadmap so that people can understand and work within our culture.

As our industry continues to evolve we believe that our Vision, Mission Statements, Operating Principles, our belief in our people and our commitment to carefully manage the business will help us to stay ahead of our competitors and conquer any economic cycle.

We have never been more confident of our Vision and never more certain of our Operating Principles than today. Coupled with our goals of consistent, sustainable revenue growth and conservative financing, we believe all these resources will help us strive to always be the best!

We strongly and wholeheartedly believe in the five Operating Principles and we are passionately committed to embed these into the B & S values and culture.

We must offer our congratulations to many of our team who already live these values today and make decisions on these principles as a way of life even without the policy manuals. We are so proud of them! Over the coming years many more will come into that category and we look forward to seeing you prosper.

So, let us take you through Vision, our Mission and five Operating Principles:


"Have the STRENGTHS and FINANCIAL DISCIPLINES of a big company combined with the LEANNESS, AGILITY and WARMTH of a small company"


"B&S Distributions' aim is to offer excellent value to its' customers through efficient systems and passionate people."